FHIR DevDays 2019 Amsterdam

Three weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend DevDays 2019 in Amsterdam. As I reported in October, I was selected as one of four “patient innovators,” to present on how I have used data from my blood disease and treatment to help take control of my health. So I went... [Read More]

Presenting at FHIR DevDays

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting BloodNumbers at the FHIR DevDays conference next month in Amsterdam. Firely and the conference organizers had the excellent idea to add a new “Patient Innovator” track to the conference, and I was one of the four patient innovators selected to present. I’ll... [Read More]

BloodNumbers preview

Welcome to BloodNumbers.com. BloodNumbers is an iOS application for tracking your blood counts. You can consolidate and maintain your test data from multiple health care providers, making it easy to view and (if you want to) share results. Here are a few example screen shots of work in progress (using... [Read More]