Three weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend DevDays 2019 in Amsterdam. As I reported in October, I was selected as one of four “patient innovators,” to present on how I have used data from my blood disease and treatment to help take control of my health. So I went to Amsterdam and presented the story behind BloodNumbers.

It was so much fun to present BloodNumbers and my story, and I was honored to be chosen the winner from among an incredible group of innovators. Each of the patient presenters had a compelling story to tell, and it was terrific to hear and meet them all. And it was really great to see how enthusiastically the FHIR community welcomed the voice of the patient in the conference.

But the opportunity to meet other patients and present my app was just part of what made the week great. The DevDays conference was an outstanding chance to learn a lot more about FHIR, and to meet the people who are continuing to progress it as a health data exchange standard. This is work that is directly benefiting patients. I found the entire FHIR community to be extremely helpful and welcoming to a newcomer like me. And the excellent folks at Firely (and of course all of the presenters) put on an amazing conference.

As for next steps, there are a couple for me:

First, I plan to find ways to increase my involvement in the FHIR community going forward.

And second, the whole experience has made me even more excited to push ahead with BloodNumbers development. I’ll talk more in future posts about my plans for FHIR integration in the app.