It’s been far too long since I’ve published an update here. But BloodNumbers development has continued, with a lot of progress over the last year. My primary goal at this point is to complete the minimum remaining work necessary to get the app to the point where it is ready for user testing (via TestFlight). And of course, following that, into the app store.

A couple recent areas I’ve focused on:

  • Most recently, I’ve done a lot of work to allow users to securely and privately sync their blood test data among multiple iOS devices. For example, you may want to be able to see your data on both your iPhone and your iPad. This data sync will be via iCloud. But it will be completely optional, for users who want to ensure that their data remains only on their own local device.

  • I’ve implemented a data export capability. Your data will not be trapped in BloodNumbers. Anything data that you make the effort to add to BloodNumbers can be exported, either because you want to take your data elsewhere, or for backup purposes.

What’s next?

  • At the moment, I’m having fun with FHIR, working on sync with Apple Health Records and EHR systems. This will allow you to pull your blood test data into BloodNumbers without requiring you to manually enter it.

  • Various things necessary to publish an app: privacy policy, terms of use, help/documentation.

  • Testing, testing, testing.

Finally, as always, I welcome your feedback, questions, or comments about BloodNumbers. Contact me at john (at) bloodnumbers (dot) com. Now back to work!