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Getting Started

Welcome to BloodNumbers. You can use BloodNumbers to track your blood test results. BloodNumbers works on iPhones and iPod Touches running iOS 15.0 and later, as well as iPads running iPadOS 15.0 and later.

Blood test data in BloodNumbers is organized by date. You can think of each date as a Visit. For any given Visit, you may have had blood drawn, and from that blood draw your provider most likely measures numerous blood-related values.

The first time you run BloodNumbers, it won’t have any visits or test results in it. See Adding Blood Tests below for instructions on how to add test data.

The BloodNumbers user interface is simple. The tab bar on the bottom has three buttons that you can tap to navigate the app. From left to right:

  1. The calendar icon takes you to the Visits page, which lists all of your blood tests by date.
  2. The dial icon takes you to the Measures page, which lists all of the different blood measures that BloodNumber can track.
  3. The gear icon take you to the Settings page.


The top portion of the Visits page shows a column chart, which indicates how many visits you have data for by year. Below this chart is a scrolling list of visits, arranged in reverse chronological order (the most recent visit is at the top).

You can tap on a visit to drill down and see your test results for that date.

You can tap on the + in the upper-right to create a new visit.

You can long-press on a visit to share or delete the visit. Deleting a visit will delete all of the test results on that date.


The Measures page lists the different blood measures that BloodNumbers uses. A three-segment control near the top lets you filter the list of measures to show All of the measures supported by BloodNumbers, just the measures currently In Use by you, or just the measures you’ve set as Favorite (you can do this in Settings, from the Blood Measures menu item).

From this filtered list, you can search for specific blood measures using the search box that is above the segmented control.

Each blood measure for which you have any results recorded will include a count of how many test results it has (e.g. 3 tests).

If you tap on a measure, you will navigate to a page that shows details about that measure, including a chart showing a history of your results for that measure over time.


The Settings page allows you to configure BloodNumbers.

The first group of menu items lets you configure how BloodNumbers works with data.

Scroll to the top of the Blood Measures list to access a search box.

The second group of menu items gives you more information about BloodNumbers:

Adding Blood Tests

There are several ways to add your blood test data to BloodNumbers:

  1. You can manually type in your test results.
  2. You can import test results from a file.
  3. You may be able to import test results from Apple Health Records.
  4. You may be able to import test results from your provider’s portal.

Importing from a file

Importing from Apple Health Records

Importing from your provider’s portal

You are probably familiar with logging into your healthcare provider’s web portal (often referred to as an “Electronic Healthcare Record,” or “EHR,” system), where you can see your test results, among other things. BloodNumbers has the ability to connect to this portal in order to import your blood test results from the portal to BloodNumbers.

There are many different EHR systems in use in the healthcare world, and BloodNumbers does not support all of them. BloodNumbers will be adding support for different EHR systems over time. Currently, BloodNumbers supports EHRs provided by Epic Systems Corporation. Epic is one of the most popular EHR systems, but by no means the only.

Managing Blood Tests

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Viewing and Sharing Blood Tests

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